As the old Chinese saying goes:
" Shang gong zhi wei bing" — A good doctor treats illnesses before they manifest themselves.

Along with the treatment of pre-existing western-defined illnesses (for example, gastritis), a patient-specific diagnosis and treatment can also be offered for complaints often considered minor, for which no obvious cause has been identified (for example, bloating). In order to prevent more serious illnesses from developing, it is an important aspect of TCM to also treat these often ignored complaints.

The treatment will entail not only an appropriate selection from a broad spectrum of acupuncture techniques and case-specific herbal prescriptions, but also an active role of the patient, by adjusting his or her lifestyle (for example diet, exercise or rest). With this in mind, advice and instructions on a suitable way of life will be provided, so that the treatment will be both more effective, and longer-lasting.

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